Hi I'm Buck Nasty and I make some crazy electrofunk goodness. Don't forget to like my Facebook page and follow me on Soundcloud! ;D


My latest and greatest! Heavily inspired by Captain Panic, this track is a homage to Dead Space, in all it’s glory. Suuuper heavy basses in this one but yeah, enjoy!

My first track using Ableton Live 9! Hugely influenced by XXYYXX. Sit back, take a toke, and enjoy! :D

My personal favorite of the three on my demo CD and the first track. Really dancy/funky stuff as always :D!

The second track off my demo CD. A little electroswing influences in this one. Enjoy :D!

The last track on my demo CD! A lot of funky guitar samples in this one and some crazy dancy stuff as always. Enjoy! :D